Latest news Alexandra will be away working in Italy 2 weeks per month until September, the classes are now running once a month on Tuesdays and Thursdays and monthly weekend workshop

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The boys say:
"It is great to be part of a class where it is encouraged to learn whilst having fun. Alex has a lovely, calm yet professional teaching technique which allows any beginner to leave their insecurities at the door. I thoroughly recommend this class!"
Ashley Knight

The girls say:
"The highlight of my week, its fab!"

"Ballet-tone with Alex is the best class I do."

"Alex is an encouraging and enthusiastic teacher and I enjoy immensely her Ballet-tone class, which I have attended for over 4 years. She has the ability to simplify the exercises and her approach is delightful"
Merle Russell

"An excellent class, at last I am fulfilling a dream. Alexandra is an excellent teacher and so inspiring."
Louise Hale

"Thank you ever so much for making me feel so welcome in the classes this year- you have an amazing combination of enthusiasm, humor and grace that makes the classes such a joy to attend - you teach as beautifully as you dance. I've really missed being able to come for the last few weeks and look forward to returning in the new year."
Tracy Brown

An excellent, fun work-out for men and women

London based Ballet-tone is a dance and fitness class designed for dancers and fitness fanatics to tone, strengthen, stretch and challenge. It incorporates classical ballet moves as well as contemporary dance, yoga, body conditionning and many more disciplines.

Done to traditional ballet music as well as pop tunes, it blends:

and has been created to define and lengthen the muscles, help achieve a graceful poise and encourage a deep sense of well-being.

With 3 classes a week and monthly Sunday workshops, we are sure we will have one for you. Check our timetable for days and locations.

Ballet-tone for posture, fitness and flexibility

Ballet-tone helps men and women sculpt and improve the appearance of their body by elongating and toning the muscles. A regular practice develops a healthy and elegant posture, increasing strength and fitness as well as body awareness and flexibility.

Alexandra pays a lot of attention to each individual and will work with you to ensure you reach your fitness goal. The catching music and the creative moves will transport you away from the training, an hour of blissful escapism!

"But is it right for me?"

Firstly, have a look at this review of Ballet-Tone on MSN Life & Style.

The class has been designed for people of all ages and all levels of fitness. Whether you're a teen, adult, senior citizen, fit or unfit, you don't need to have done any ballet or dance. Just grab work-out clothes and a pair of socks and join us to feel better in your body.

This said, Alexandra has noticed that the class is especially popular with dancers, pilates and yoga practitioners and other fitness and gym goers who appreciate the mix of disciplines and how it gets them to work unusual muscle combinations in a fun way.

Meet Alexandra Wood, creator of Ballet-tone in London

Alexandra Wood, creator of Ballet-tone Alexandra designed Ballet-tone in 2002 after receiving many requests for a class that combined exercise with dance. Alexandra is a trained dancer, she studied R.A.D classical Ballet for 15 years and received a B.A. Hons. Degree in Dance in 1995, she then worked as a Contemporary Dancer before becoming an internationally-renowned Argentine tango dancer and teacher.
You can find more details about her tango classes and performances and view gorgeous videos of her dancing at

She has spent the last two years as dancer and dance captain of Midnight Tango, a show by and with Strictly Come Dancing's stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace.

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What to wear

Simply come wearing comfortable work-out gear. For footwear, just socks or soft ballet shoes. You're likely to work a sweat so all venues have showers and spacious changing rooms!

A gentle movement at Ballet-tone

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